Kantor & Komponist
Peter Heeren

bazon 1


              for piano
performed by  Jakob Leuschner


This composition refers to an interview with Dr. Bazon Brock:

"...so I was sitting at the grand piano in the assembly hall of the Kaiser-Karl-Gymnasium in Itzehoe, making music that I imagined to be just right. Some years later, I got to know such music as a kind created by a composer. This made me exceedingly proud; although entirely uneducated, in strictly musical terms, I had succeeded in making music creatively. For me to have achieved this out of my own state of animation during the afternoon in that hall, was a key musical experience which has influenced my work to this very day..."

Conversation with Werner Kueppenholz, in 'Was ist musikalische Bildung?' Musikalische Zeitfragen 14, Kassel/ Basel/ London 1984 (What is musical education? Musical questions of our time.)